Joe's Engine Service

Joe's Engine Service

Absolute Auction

Saturday, February 6th at 10:00 AM

4304 N Florida Ave Tampa, FL 33603 (Directions)

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Joe Abene, after over 50 years of building and machining
engines for local racers and national legends, has called
it quits and now, all shop equipment, tools, parts and
motors will be sold by way of Absolute Auction!

Opened In 1962 as J&J Automotive, then relocating to its
current location in 1978, becoming Joe’s Engine Service,
this old school shop has done work for Art Malone,
Don Garlits and Julian Martin. All items will be sold
without reserve or minimum.


Friday, February 5th 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM

John Harris: 813-784-3926 or

Auction Highlights

Sunnen Rod Heater CRH-10
Sunnen Rod Hydraulic Press BP10K
Sunnen reducing rings, pin inserts, guide bushings
Sunnen Honing Mandrells up to CR-3100
Sunnen Precision Honing Machine LBB 1699
Jet 12' swing machine lathe
Berco RSC950 Cylinder Head Surface Grinder
Sunnen CK-10 Honing Machine
Storm Vulcan Blockmaster 85-B Block Resurfacer
IDL CG80 Valve Grinder
Kwik-Way VC 701 Valve Grinder
Airco Model 2.5A/DDR224-PHFB Electric Welder
Steelabrator Steel Shot Metal Blaster
Peterson Valve Spring Tester
Storm Vulcan MDL-85 Head Master
Storm Vulcan #163 Scledum SP 850 Stormill
Pro-Ball Industrial Balancer (new in the box)
Webb Champ Milling Machine
Stewart Warner Balancer
Line Hone Mandills
Rod bearings, main bearings, piston rings, timing components inventory
Complete short blocks , S/B Chevy, Ford V-8, Chevy 327


Phone #: (813) 784-3926


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